My recovering groin muscle, should be a Grade 1.

14 days ago, I pulled my adductor muscle, most likely a grade 1 strain. I couldn’t jog at all. You can read about my injury on my previous post.

Over the past 2 weeks, whenever I said I hurt my groin, most people gave me silly looks, expecting me to be sheepish in my reply. Hello, Steven Gerrard had a LOOOONG battle with his persistent groin problem, nobody said anything?

Anyway, I am recovering very well. Just yesterday, I was able to run confidently at 13km/h on the treadmill after some resistance training and HIIT on the stationary bike. The muscle feels slightly tight at end of range. I was thinking of upping the pace to 14km/h but something held me back.

The fact that I haven’t started working on the recovering muscle made held me back. So this morning, I decided to start something small, adding simple open-chain exercises for my adductors and abductors together with some calisthenics (body weight exercises).

hip adductionabduction


Jogging felt very fine after the adductor/abductor workout! Feels like there is more’control’ and ‘feel’ whenever I landed on the Right leg. I should be ready for HIIT sprints and multi-directional activities this weekend!


Things are looking UP now.

Thanks for reading.

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