Making Sense of Low Back Pain.

Using latest research to explain why we should treat low back problems differently.

Link to Professor Peter O’Sullivan’s latest educational video here. You don’t watch someone more passionate than this guy. He’s the top researcher and physiotherapist for chronic low back pain who still conducts research in the university and treats people in the clinic. He actually has an educational website too!


Important messages that I learnt from the presentation just from the 1st 10 minutes…

  1. It is common that people with back pain move differently, guarded
  2. Guarded movement are commonly related to beliefs that drive their fear to change the way they behave
  3. Back pain is less likely due to tears in the disc bulges, tears, facet joint arthritis/degeneration, and more related to the sensitivity of your nervous system
  4. What you read on the internet, the commonly searched ‘top hits’ may not be telling you the right thing about why you have back pain
  5. Research evidence shows that all exercise therapy has similar effectiveness, but why is ‘core strengthening’ emphasised more than others?
  6. What core strengthening actually does for you if you got chronic low back pain

Happy watching!

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