Breaking the Pain Barrier: a PAS patient forum on 10 December 2016

I was honoured to be invited by Psoriasis Association of Singapore (PAS) to speak about physiotherapy for psoriatic arthritis. Before me was Consultant Rheumatologist from Changi General Hospital, Dr Sriranganathan Melonie Kannamma who spoke about the disease itself. The talk was catered for PAS support group and patients and it was a tight group of about 30.

Psoriatic arthritis affects about 30% of people with Psoriasis, and physiotherapy is usually indicated to improve strength, joint range-of-motion and general fitness in this group of people suffering from various inflammatory joint and tendon pains.

From the readings that I’ve done before my talk, I was surprised to find that people with psoriatic arthritis have a higher likelihood of developing risk factors for heart disease. This just shows that physiotherapy for psoriatic arthritis should not just focus on strength and joint range-of-motion, but more importantly, physical activity!

The talk ended with a head-to-toe stretching and bodyweight strengthening. Modifications here and there (some stiff and fused joints), we’ll get there!

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